Jacob Peacock

Research Manager

Rethink Priorities


  • Advocacy for farm animals
  • Social and diet change
  • Research methods
  • Open science


  • BSc in Computational Biology, 2016

    Rutgers University


Impact of corporate commitments to source cage-free eggs on layer hen housing: Preregistration for an observational study

Over the last decade, hundreds of companies around the world have committed to source cage-free eggs by 2025 or earlier. Commitments …

Reducing meat consumption by appealing to animal welfare: protocol for a meta-analysis and theoretical review

Background: Reducing meat consumption may improve human health, curb environmental damage and greenhouse gas emissions, and limit the …

Surveying US College and University Dining Services for Potential Collaboration on Diet Change Research 2017–2018

Collaboration with colleges and universities may be a promising opportunity for collecting data on what foods people buy. This data …

Measuring Change in Diet for Animal Advocacy

We consider the self-reported dietary measurement instruments currently recommended for animal advocacy research and possible …

Which Farm Animal Photos are Most Likely to Inspire People to Eat Vegan: A Reanalysis

This document presents a reanalysis of the data and the conclusions reported by Humane League Labs on January 25, 2015, in the …